Anita’s Arrowheads – Pressing Tips

The Most Important Tip of All

Starch your fabric very well BEFORE you cut the squares. When the block is completed, all of the outer edges will be on the bias, and nobody has fun with that! Go to Other Tips for a recipe for Quilter’s Moonshine (homemade spray starch) and other ideas.

Tip #9 Making Nests

Once the skinny sections are laid out properly, flip everything over so the back side of the fabric is facing up. You’ll find that the seam allowances are (finger)pressed so that they nest with the seams on the 4-patch… except for one.

You’ll need to reposition that seam so it lays in the other direction (toward the light, here).

You’re almost ready to press…

Side Trip Tip:

If you’re a ‘pinwheeler’, you’ll need to reposition TWO seams to the opposite direction. You know who you are… just be aware.

Tip #10 Pressing, Finally

Do not use steam when pressing. All the starch in the world won’t stop those bias edges from stretching if they’re wet!