Temporary Meeting Change

We are thrilled to be meeting in person again, after over a year of only online interaction. It is wonderful to see the faces of old and new friends – and OH! The Show and Tell! (Almost) everyone has been busy making beautiful quilts and bags and art pieces.


We are still encountering problems that are limiting our ability to gather as a group. We are met with continual challenges as we try to find a location for our general meetings.

Until restrictions are lifted and our options are restored,

the Board has made the difficult decision to meet every other month,

beginning in November.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 9.

No, we don’t have a location yet, but we are working hard to find one!

There are a couple of silver linings here. First, we won’t have to travel as much in the dark – and possibly stormy – nights. Second, you’ll have more time to enjoy your holidays – and doesn’t everyone need more time at the holidays?

There is one more change – we hope to move the December potluck to January. Instead of a Holiday Potluck, we hope it will be our New Beginnings Potluck!

It’s a big change, we know, and it wasn’t fun making the decision. If you know of a Centralia/Chehalis location that might work for a meeting, please reach out and share your ideas.